Historic Jenkins Home

Israel Jenkins House
The Elms Station of Farmington
C. 1840 Historic Greek Revival Brick Home

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 

Israel Jenkins House, Marion Indiana, Historic Greek Revival Brick Home

Israel Jenkins and his wife Lydia arrived in Monroe Township in 1839, at the same time as several other families from Clinton County, Ohio. They were all Friends (Quakers) who were seeking relief from the issues of slavery as our country moved closer to Civil War. Their settlement (West of the House) was named Farmington. Farmington was home to a Blacksmith, three Doctors, a Mercantile, Grange Hall, School, Coffin Maker, Carpenter and Wagon Shop and several families. The village of Farmington was abandoned shortly after the Civil War ended. Most of the families were related to Levi Coffin and made themselves known as abolitionists. Several are named in Grant County History as being actively involved in the Underground Railroad, including two of Jenkins’ brothers-in-law. Research is ongoing to definitively connect Israel Jenkins to this network. The House was named “The Elms” for the stately Elm trees that had originally lined the drive. History states that Underground Railroad Stations were often given names referring to the type of the timber surrounding them to aid in their identification. The house recently received a preservation award from the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archeology, and is listed in the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures. Additionally the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archeology nominated the Israel Jenkins house to the National Register of Historic places. Presently the house serves as the Clubhouse for the Club Run Golf Course, including sandwich and Pub fare during golf season. The second floor includes a Museum of historical artifacts of the families and the area. The Jenkins house is open daily during golf season until 6:00pm. Enjoy the display of 37 years of golf collecting in the Jenkins Golfhouse Golf Museum.

The Israel Jenkins House is available to host your private events. Receptions and small parties may be arranged to coincide with Golf events or other events. A variety of catering options are available. Bar service is available upon request. Three rooms downstairs and four rooms upstairs are available for browsing and lounging while enjoying your event. Limited table and a variety of casual seating is provided. This historic setting is most suited to small intimate receptions.